Friday, November 9, 2012

Cheap Date night: Bookstore Brouhaha

Every couple needs to carve some time out now and again to devote just to each other- not the bills, not the condition of the water heater, and not even the perplexing mystery of why your sister just keeps dating that weirdo from accounting- just the two of you and that blissfulness that comes from spending time with the one you love.

For those that are still in their first year or two together, this comes naturally.  But for those of us who have been together for more than a decade?  You've gotta remind yourself to do it sometimes or life will get in the way.

Today's post is about the date I just had with my husband, and it was spontaneous and fun and only took two hours and $10.  It was just what we needed on a Friday night after a very long week at work.  If you're a bibliophile like us (or even have a basic enjoyment of reading) then you may find this cheap date idea fun and easy to put together.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Creepy Doll Costume

Creepy Doll Makeup tutorial
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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and my husband and I always try to celebrate with some amazing costumes.  I've traditionally made our costumes from scratch, rather than buying them in the store (it was how my mother did it, and may not be for everyone, but it's how I prefer to do it).  This isn't always the cheaper method, and is certainly not the easiest, but it allows for some pretty cool costumes and lots of originality.  My son has frequently been complimented on his costumes, and his list over the years includes things such as a Renaissance nobleman's son, jedi padawan, Legolas from LOTR, druid, and (one our personal favorites) leftover meatloaf.  I had hoped to come up with something great for me this year as well- new and original, but in the end I repurposed a costume from a few years ago and did some creative makeup magic to get a new effect.
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